Siting Process

As the project progresses, National Grid and Eversource will continue our ongoing commitment to keeping officials, residents, businesses up to date. Please note that the siting processes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are separate and distinct. Below, we have laid out basic steps for Massachusetts (as NH project is complete).

National Grid and Eversource received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU), Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB). See the chart below for a high-level overview of the siting process. Public involvement is encouraged throughout each process.

Massachusetts DPU / EFSB Process

Step 1

Solicit town/community input on proposed project

Conduct public Community Meetings

Step 2

File an application with the MA DPU/EFSB

Step 3

MA DPU/EFSB evaluates the proposed project

After filing, the MA DPU/EFSB will hold public hearings for additional community input

MA DPU/EFSB will issue written requests for information and hold evidentiary hearings in Boston

Written briefs filed with the MA DPU/EFSB

Step 4

Approximately 12 months after application is filed, MA DPU/EFSB issues its decision