Need and Benefit

Serving the Needs of Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire


Because of the growing power needs of the region’s 4.7 million residents, National Grid and Eversource Energy’s proposed Solution was selected to bolster the area’s transmission reliability. ISO-New England, the region’s independent power system operator, chose the Greater Boston and New Hampshire Solution (on February 12, 2015) because of its lower cost and superior performance criteria.


Solution Benefits

  • Provides the most cost-effective solution to meet customer needs
  • Improves power system reliability and quality
  • Delivers substantially greater levels of power-import capacity, which will enable access to lower-cost and cleaner power sources for consumers
  • Offers flexible design and technology
  • Contains costs and minimizes environmental impact by working in existing rights-of-way, within existing roadways, and/or unused railways
  • Boosts the regional economy with local jobs and increased local property tax revenue in Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  • Supports the region’s economic health and demand for electricity for many years to come